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Lori's Creative Catering


About Lori's Creative Catering


Lori’s Creative Catering is your one stop shop for trendy and delicious food for any event. Since our founding in 2012 we have expanded our client base to include people of all ages and backgrounds. We take pride in our client centered approach to catering and offer an endless variety of food options. At LCC’s you are treated like family and we welcome the opportunity to make your event a success.  


Lori's Story

Lori Irving has had a passion for cooking ever since she was a child as she watched both of her grandmothers prepare meals for others, in their home country of Barbados. The seed that was planted in her grew as Lori began to share her passion with her family and friends during various events. In 2012, with the support of her family, Lori launched her own catering brand tailored for millennials who were looking for trendy, tasteful, and soulful food. Since that time Lori’s dishes have continued to be in high demand in both New York and New Jersey.  

Lori prides herself on customized cratering menus incorporating Italian, Asian, Latin, Caribbean, vegetarian and organic cuisines. Her passion for flavor and fine details has earned Lori the reputation amongst her clients as a culinary genius. Whether your party is for 10 people or 100, Lori will go above and beyond for you.  

An avid traveler Lori uses her spare time to visit new countries and learn innovative and fun techniques. These allow her to continue improving her skills as a chef and heighten her client’s culinary experience.